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It’s Been Awhile? Red || Misty


The walk around place was long enough on it’s own, this time around it involved going over students and possibly even others just mooching off of a space to live in. So many bodies to go over all just to find the male.


Feeling the back of the outfit being tugged on, Misty took a look back to see the male’s gaze keeping it steady between herself and the onesie. Though, it really was more on the onesie. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what was going on with that — but, she’ll let it slide this time, he did win the “master" role after all. "Alright. If you say it’s fine, I’ll keep it on a bit longer."

Looking between him and the general area, there was just too much of a crowd for her own fancy. “Wanna sneak out for a bit?”

Getting to hear her agreement of deciding to keep wearing it, his fingers slipped from the tail. Resting his arm back against the couch and his body, his crimson hue’s glancing between the lame movie, and the onesie. How long it’d been since he’d seen someone else in that outfit — almost a year, really. He had to admit, no wonder Green kissed him that one night he wore it… Anyone looked adorable as a Pikachu.

”..Hm? … Where exactly to?” He wasn’t much up to leaving the house really, but it would seem circumstances have changed, and well, he was probably going to get dragged off. Not that he ever had much of a say in the matter when Misty had ideas of doing things from the last few experiences to do with her. “.. Will it require me to get dressed..” Not looking forward to having to put pants on, or well, clothes in general for the matter.


[Being tugged under again, she’s smiling and (sort of) laughing underwater as she’s holding her breath — cheeks all puffy like a Qwilfish as she swims up again, gasping for air.] Yeah… a fresh start!!

[Taking one hand, she’s plugging up the collar of her shirt. Then, lifting her shirt so that she’s gathering enough air to create something like an airbag to help her stay afloat.] Ta-da~! Look! When you find yourself unable to swim, you just do this!!


..The hell..? [He’s a little confused as to what she did, but he’s shrugging it off none the less. Swimming a few feet towards the shallower end of the pool, enough to stand without his head sinking under. Praise be to being tall.]

hc that red is a furry for anyone wearing pikachu outfits because he would straight up marry pikachu (HIS ONLY) if he was human

hc that if u wear a mt silver costume too red will get a boner and want to mount u wink wonk



Huh? [Next thing she knew, Red’s carrying her over his shoulder and suddenly tossing her into the body of water. Geez, this is like the second time!! What’s with people throwing her into the water like this.

Popping her head out and wiping the water away from her face, she’s looking around for Red.] Hey!! Where are you, stinky?! What’d you do that for, huh???”

[Throwing her arms in the air, it’s almost as if what just happened between them didn’t happen at all. But it did and for a bit, she’s frowning and then smiling and laughing because she’s glad things were able to work out somewhat.]

[It was such a rarity for Red to actually use his pool, but why the heck not. It wasn’t as if he could do other things with Lyra, because they already made an agreement. He would be in her life, but only from the distance that a friend would.

Swimming underneath her, he’s watching from underwater — and listening to her shouting for him. A glint of a smile warming up on his face as he starts to swim upwards, grabbing her by her foot as he did that, and tugging her under again.]

..Mm. For a fresh start..?

It’s Been Awhile? Red || Misty


“It’s aight. We don’t have to do anything big, we can just hang out here.” With a frat house full of college students, sounds like a plan. “Is it okay if I look for something more cozy to fit change into?” Misty asked with a wave of her hand as she headed on over into his room without really waiting for much of an answer.

Going through it all as if it were her own, she found some of his usual, preferred clothing but none really did seem to be much of an interest to her. Looking for some more, she found a particular onsie of his signature Pokemon. Curiosity rode her out as she quickly slipped out of the maid attire and went on to try it on. Looking at herself, it was rather loose on her but still rather cozy.

With a quick stroll to find Red, she gave him a smile and greeted him with a “Pika.” Okay, enough of that. She really was a bit too old to be having this sort of fun. “I’ll find something better.” She said with a wave of her hand in his direction.


”.. Sounds good.” Shrugging and getting comfortable in his seat on the couch again. Seeing as she was just off to find better clothes to wear, not that he cared, he never wore them in the summer months anyway. Spreading his body out on the length of the couch, he went back to staring at the TV.

Nothing in particular was good on, just some strange action movie about guys and guns. You know, the usual. He wasn’t exactly picky, anyway. Honestly, he was mostly dozing in and out because it was actually really.. Boring.. The only interesting parts being when everything exploded. Which, was what tended to make him wake back up.

During one explosion opening his eyes back up, he’s stunted to see Misty wearing his onesie, and announcing herself as a Pikachu. Brows raising in her direction and as she’s about to go off to change again he’s reaching out to grab her by the tail on the back. “.. You’re fine. .. I wear that more often then not.. So can’t be any worse than me?” Making up excuses, because it actually had an almost same effect as the time he got Lyra to wear one. It was all dokis and adorableness, seeing people in that onesie.


[It’s pure, sincere kind of laughter when he mentioned that she kicked him in the face.] I know!! But those were the happiest times of my life, y’know. [And then her expression softens once again over the memory of their first time doing that.]

I guess… I was scared. Y’know, like in movies, you would usually save yourself for someone special… and I’d never thought I’d lose mine like that so soon… [She pauses for a moment.] But… I was very happy it was with you, y’know. It was just so sudden that I didn’t know what to do, but it made me very happy too… despite what happened afterwards.

…I’m glad you were my first.

[And she’s grinning all bright — like the stars, she’s small and tiny yet she shines the brightest. The brightest in both Red’s and Green’s lives.

She knows what Red’s saying. “We’ll be friends.” and that’s all Lyra really needs. She doesn’t want to act like she doesn’t know him, she doesn’t want to have to forget him, because Red became such a huge part of her life that she can’t just remove him from it.]

…I didn’t do anything, though. You let me in and I stayed. Always will. Monsters don’t know how to love, but you do.

[Getting through all of this was certainly an ordeal.. But, it was needed for the both of them obviously. Especially with the encroaching feeling of suicide on Lyra’s end. Red, he was used to that feeling, it dwelled in the back of his mind always. 

Either way, when its all said and done, Red’s getting up and letting go of his hold of her. Hopping off of the bed, he’s moving to grab a pair of swim trunks, and putting them on — the first thing he’s worn in weeks. She didn’t exactly like seeing him naked, after all. Once that was done, he was grabbing her, tossing her over his shoulder and making his way from the bedroom to the pool.]

..Hold your breath. [Murmuring quietly, before tossing her into the deep end of the water. Taking a few steps back after, and with a running start jumping into the water with her]


[And Lyra just simply listens to every word he says while smoothing her hand up and down his back, feeling every part of his spine and muscle. She can feel his hold on her tightening, the feelings he’s opening up to her, and Lyra soothes him by taking her other head to gently run her fingers through his hair.

Soft, gentle kisses press on his shoulder blades that says, “It’s okay, I’m here.” A warmth that passes onto him in the hopes of conveying unspoken words.] Red… That’s not true, y’know… I need you because you give me what Green can’t. [The aspect of being able to spend time with him in the most playful way.] I need you because… you make me laugh, y’know. Do you remember the first few times we met earlier this year? Those were really fun times, y’know. I laughed and smiled a lot because of you.

[Not that she was a mess back then, but even though she cried a lot around him, she smiled just as much too. And even now, she’s smiling genuinely. A smile that’s soft yet so full of warmth — the kind that soothes the heavy heart. And it’s here where she’s giggling and laughing with pure joy and nostalgia.] Remember when we went to buy a onesie? Remember when you showed up at my door naked like right now and you stole my first kiss? Even though I got really embarrassed… I was happy in a way, y’know?

…Really… I was.

[Of course, hearing him tell her that she tried to kill himself had her eyes widening in shock. But, like her mom when she would listen to Lyra’s problems, she remains calm — breathing slowly to listen to Red. At first, she thought it was her fault but that wasn’t the case when he tells her that it had to do with his siblings. So that’s why he’s feeling this way.]

Red… I need you. Green needs you. And Blue and Misty… there’s always someone out there who needs you and if there’s at least one person who does, life is worth living.

[And she pauses for a brief moment before saying—] As long I can be with you in some way, as long as I can be happy with you and Green somehow… my life is worth living.

[Gently pulling away, she’s looking into Red’s eyes and giving him that soft smile that speaks volumes.] You’re not a freak. Not a monster. You’re a human, Red. Look — [Her fingers move to wipe the tears from his eyes.] You’re crying. It means you have emotions. It means you can feel. That’s what humans do.

…Do monsters do that? Do monsters feel this warm when our hands touch? Do monsters taste sweet when I kiss it? Guess not, cause you sure do.

[Hearing that.. Knowing that.. That Green couldn’t give her certain things. It was a weight lifted, even so, he couldn’t change the way he felt. How if she loved someone else too, she wouldn’t eve truly need him the same way.

All the talk of how they had first met, and all of the happier times they shared. It’s warm, and nostalgic, and just happy. He didn’t have as many fears, only wanting to be by her side, enjoying talking to her and everything they went and did, back then.]

.. Happy I kissed you..? .. You kicked me in the face… I.. Wouldn’t say that was happiness. [Recalling the attack from her, over some small action. Although now, he understood why she reacted that way. Their kisses were full of love now, and it was how she had wanted her first to be — full of love.

This nostalgia is only hitting him with how much she hated to be near him after having taken another one of her firsts.] .. You weren’t happy the other time I took one of your firsts.. .. I.. .. I did that because I loved you.. .. I wouldn’t have otherwise.. [It still burned in the back of his mind, waking up, and her not being there. And then, being told she couldn’t see him. He had just endlessly hurt her..]

.. .. [Hearing that those four needed him had him falling into silence. Blue, she had proven that when he had fallen apart to her, and she had brought him back to Unova. … He hadn’t talked to her since then though, no doubt she knew about his accident. As for the ginger, she had saved his life and… .. Well.. Their recent night spent together — don’t bring that up to Lyra whistles.]

… I’ll make you happy, without hurting either of us.. .. And this is the only way..

.. .. [As she’s wiping away his tears again, he’s only shaking his head. There was only a matter of time before she ever found out the truth of him. How he would love to delay that for forever, not let her ever see the disgusting things he did.] … I don’t know.. .. But I am one.. .. You just make me a little more human, Lyra.


[Looking at him and listening to those words that are full of so much love and genuine sincerity, Lyra’s tears continue to slowly trickle down the side of her face as she continues to sniff. For a moment, she’s closing her eyes to let herself sink into that warm embrace she’s been wanting for so long, arms finally returning the gesture. She wants more than this but more that this would mean giving Red fake promises, right?

Softly, she’s speaking up again because she thinks… she knows why.] Red…. Because you hate Green, you don’t want to share me, right? Because of him, you don’t want him to love me, right?

[It makes sense, doesn’t it? Red hated Green and would always scowl at the thought of his rival. There’s a wound in their relationship that seemed to never heal and Lyra? She was just that temporary bandaid that would eventually fall off.]

Don’t you think you’re holding back because you hate him? I know it sounds like I’m defending him, but… Green doesn’t hate you, Red. I know… that he cares about you too. You might not believe it, but… I think there are times where he thinks about you and if you’re okay. He cleaned this room, didn’t he?

[And Lyra pauses for a moment because maybe she shouldn’t talk further.] Sorry. I just… don’t want you hating him and I… don’t want you two fighting each other. It’s only like this because you’re not letting him in, Red.

[Pulling away just a bit, she’s taking one head to smooth upon his cheek, thumb gently rubbing at his skin that is wet from the tears he shed. And she’s looking at him with so much love and a desire to be close to him like this always. Not just him, but with Green too. That’s why she’s bring his face close so that their foreheads are bumping and she can feel and hear his breathing.]


[No matter how much more either of them wanted, boundaries had to be set. With all the agony he’d gone through, he just couldn’t handle it. His mentality just was not capable of dealing with all of that again.

Even as she’s claiming he can’t share her solely because of Green, and yes, it is part of it, but things changed. Deep down, he’s changed and it’s what eats at him. A year ago, he barely understood humans, having been unaffected by them in so long. Lyra made it all different, made him feel emotions again.

In the very beginning, of course, it did have to do with his hate towards Green. How he had been hurt by his traitorous ex best friend, and how he feared the same to happen to her. It was inevitable, something he couldn’t stop. Despite having wanted to, so, so badly. She had gotten hurt by Green in the end.

Choking back a disgruntled sigh over the suggestion that Green thought of him, cared about him. It was a feeling he didn’t care about at, not at all. His rival had had a chance, so long ago, to make everything right. Instead he just treated Red worse, and all they did was fight, and all they do is continue to fight.

Dropping his arms slowly, he’s wrapping them comfortably at her waist. Shaking his head that all of this was caused due to him not letting Green in. In actuality it was the exact opposite, because he knew for a fact months back when he was an amnesiac, he was willing to try; Green on the other hand was not. It takes two to tango, and neither of them were willing to fix this.]

..You’re wrong. [Murmuring as his forehead is being settled against hers. It’s hard to admit this, hard to let her in after he had sworn to push her away. Taking in a deep, sharp breath, and blowing it out slowly. Glancing down into her brown eyes, and curling his lips into a frown.]

Lyra… I tried to kill myself… [It’s nothing but a tone of seriousness and sincerety, as his forehead is pulling away from hers, and his head is falling to rest on her shoulder.] No one needs me.. .. You think I only want you because I don’t want him to have you… .. And its wrong.. .. If that was the case.. I’d just take you.. I wouldn’t even let him get near you.. .. But.. That’s not the case..

I need you to need me as much as I need you.. But as long as you love him.. .. As long as you can’t only see me, like I only see you.. .. You won’t ever need me that much..

[He pauses for a few seconds, letting his arms tighten around her. He’s a mess, and it aches to admit all of this; to let her know about it when he had begged Green to not tell her.] My siblings.. .. Told me themselves.. That they don’t need me.. and I just fell apart.. Because if they didn’t need me.. And you don’t need me.. .. What use do I have to live..? I have no purpose.. I have no function. I’m a no good freak who has nothing…

[The tears are free-flowing down his cheeks again, letting her in, letting her see what useless trash he was. It all was overwhelming.]