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Watching the smile purse on his feature, the feeling of reassurance did grow inside of her. Rather content that at the very least she was able to help out some. Even if it wasn’t so much, talking out what he could, in a sense it did help in making her feel useful and needed. Mainly due to the fact that she had managed to piss off one of her best friends. Who knows, maybe sooner or later he’d come back around and they’d forget things had happened as per usual.

Attempting to give him the best smile that she could pull off for this time and day. Their whole family experience was different. She was the spoiled younger sibling that acted out, Red was the older brother that got acted out on.

"If it helps.. No matter how old we get, we do tend to still need our older siblings." Especially if their relationships were once close.

Breathing tentatively at her response and attempted reassurance, he tried to put aside that wallowing empty feeling and continue on. He needed to clear his reasoning of having come here so randomly, it was probably a bother to have him here anyway. Least, that was his insecure assumptions.

”.. I.. Hope that’s true.” Commenting in a murmured voice. His hues reaching up to glance at the ceiling once more. He was hoping so badly, that indeed, his siblings would still need him around.

"Did.. I ever thank you?" He said this without any real thought process of it. Whatever tidbid of reasoning there was behind it, it would’ve been obvious with their conversation. Had she not decided on a random visit that night, the raven wouldn’t have lived to see the morning. Lived to see his siblings come back, despite his lacking relations with them.


Fire brought his gaze back up to meed the others expression. “‘Course ah did Red.” The student rolled his eyes and walked in, plopping down in a booth in a far corner. “Yer man brother, why on earth wouldn’ ah miss ya? You were somethin’ ah could look up to, then ya left.” He let out a soft exasperated sigh, flipping open the menu as he collected his thoughts.

"Ah idolized ya fer the longest time as a kid." He finally spoke back up, unable to meet Red’s eyes as he continued to focus on the menu. "You were amazin’ in a pokemon battle, brave durin’ the times ah wasn’ Ya even caught me Krissy, err, Meowth. What kinda little brother wouldn’ wana be like r’ be ‘round someone like that?" He finally dropped the menu, unable to focus. "Ah tried so hard to be like ya. T’ follow in yer footsteps ‘n become this amazin’ battelin’ machine. Someone strong, that other people could look up to like ah looked up ta you. ‘N ah failed. Jus’ when ah thought as could come home n’ give ya a hug, you were gone." With that he swallowed the thick lump in his throat, hiding behind the brim of his hat. 


"Ah don’ know why ya left, not gonna act like ah do. Ya probably had a good reason. Jus…fer gods sakes don’ do it again. Ah needed mah brother, ah still need mah brother. ‘N don’ you think ah’m gonna let you run away ‘gain after ah just happened ta find ya on a whim! Were family dammit."

It took some time for him to catch up to Fire after the confirmation that he was missed by his sibling. After all the period of time and distance between each and every one of them, rarely did he hear that he was missed by them. He was left in awe, and it only continued on as he sat at the booth and continued to listen to Fire.

These words from his little brother, were a recognition Red had wanted to hear from so many people, craved so often and tried to fight for even. None the less he failed often, and he was left distraught and irrepairable from it all. And out of nowhere, was he hearing all of the wants and needs from his only full-blooded sibling. The kid he vanished from so many years ago due to his sanity slowly degrading from the horrors.

Having not even picked up his menu, Red ventured from his side of the booth. Moving to sit beside his sibling and weakly smile as best he could. After which, he enclosed his arms around the brunet, tugging him close and letting his heart race as he felt a warm relief. Someone still needed him, still desperately needed him around.







[Hush cute mickey mouse hands bUT AHEM — she’s kind of like hm? before he’s disappearing into the crowd. Like a child being left at the cashier and getting more anxious as she gets closer to the register, she’s left wondering where Red is before he’s coming back with a bracelet.

The touch of his hand taking her wrist to put on the bracelet is warm but she’s oblivious to how Red still feels the love between them. Maybe it’s because of the fact that the two have re-established their friendship, but Lyra’s smiling and going all “oooo” in awe at the bright bracelet.] Wow!!! It’s so cute!! You really didn’t have to, y’know, but I guess this is like a friendship bracelet sorta thing, right?


[As he’s impeccably lost in that feeling that he cherished so much, he’s forgetting their relationship establishment. Its always like this, how easily he can lose sight of reality from his still heavy feelings. To the point, that as his hand slides down the short length of her wrist, to take her palm in his and his body is ever so hesitantly leaning closer to her own petite form.

Reality hit and the raven is frozen in place, before quickly dropping his hands to his sides. They were friends, that was the deal he had made with her. That was the only peripheral meaning to his existence, to create some form of happiness in her life despite it never being a happiness he could enjoy full fledged.]

.. Yeah, a friendship bracelet. [As he commented, his hues were staring down at her hand, and the bracelet that now was endowed upon its wrist. He can only wish he had done things more of this type, when he had the proper chance to before. But that was then, and this is now. And now, Lyra loved Green, and Red was just her friend to play with when her boyfriend was being boring.]


The tension in the air grew thick as Fire let the silence settle in once again, following the elder brother to whatever food joint he was leading them to. His eyes stayed focused on thick raven locks cascading out that worn red cap. It a way it was just like they were kids again, Red leading the way and Fire innocently following behind, like it always was and meant to be. Fire always came second. Second in pokemon battles, second in races, second in school. The only thing he was remotely good for was singing but where would that ever get you. 


His lips twitched as he wanted to speak up, only to let the words die in his throat. He quickly moved from the back of Reds head to the ground, staring idly at their feet as they walked. There was so many things he could bring up in that one moment. 'Where were you all that time, why'd you leave me, didn't you realize I needed you.' Everything screamed around in his head until he settled on a slightly mumbled “I missed you.”  

Well, that just got worse… Not only did he have nothing to say, it would seem his little brother didn’t either.  Well then, this just made this walk all the longer.. At least a restaurant was getting nearer, so that made this easier. It looked to be just a small mom’n’pop diner, but hey, food was food right?

Just before he was readying to open the door for the two of them, Red was caught completely off guard by the mumbled words of his sibling. His head shifting to glance back at the brunet, and cock to the side in a bitterly empathetic attempt. “.. Did you?”


[there were kids like running everywhere, getting all excited over the pikachus marching about and even the ones with people dressed in pikachu mascot costumes. balloons were being handed out and Lyra doesn’t hesitate to take one, tie it to her wrist and grab a badge with the pokemon’s face on it.]

Red! Look! This is for you! [holds up the badge for him to see before pinning it onto his onesie probably it’s red]


[Blinks at the— is that freaking mickey mouse hands— badge being put on his onesie, looking down at it and getting all warm and fuzzy because he had another keepsake from the brunette now.] .. Hang on. [Muttering as he vanished in the crowd for a few minutes and reappearing with a bracelet with nothing but Pikachu faces on it. Each one with a different expression, of course. Kind of like a charm bracelet, but of pikachus.]

..I should give you something too.. right? [With that, he’s taking her hand and putting the bracelet on her. Once it’s all clipped on, he’s a little senseless and continuing to hold onto her wrist.]

emergency pls


"I.. Actually know how that goes." The ginger answered with her glances looking away from the male, eyes averting enough to not make it seem like she was comparing in a sense. "I’ve said it twice… been told once." Small chuckle followed after it. "I’ve said it to my older sisters. I don’t know how your family is…  Ours was rather strict and made no sense for the most part. We had a watershow to run along with a gym. It felt like they were ruining it all. I rebelled in a way and said that I didn’t need them. It was my way of saying I needed to grow-up. I didn’t realize how much I had hurt them by doing it like that."


Sneaking a few glances on over to Red, she needed to see that he was still there during her boring story and all. “And then some years later I was told the same. It sucked.. How much time and effort I had spent only to have it be like it was.. futile. It was nice knowing that there was someone whom relied on me from time to time. Is that how it was for you or did I miss the mark completely?”

A varying feeling of surprise rendered the male. Sure, the raven knew it wasn’t just he that had spent a childhood with consequential family issues. But, realistically he had never paid enough attention to the people distance was kept from. Leaving this little, story, to be out of the ordinary. Specifically to his ginger-haired friend, because that rather up-beat attitude she kept never seemed to be false, in the sense his and Green’s tended to be.

The very few glances sent his way allowed his head to nod up and down. Signalling that he very much was listening, and paying attention to the details. Red was rash, illogical, and almost ninety percent of the time relied on animalistic instincs, but he was always one hell of a good listener. ..That is when he wanted to be.

As she finally finished her story, the raven grimaced a war-torn smile. “.. Being the oldest of my siblings.. I’ve always tried to be good to them.” His breathing stiffened, trying to better word this. His little social skills and ability to explain how his feelings were, surely have extended to a point. A year ago, he had barely been capable of explaining what happiness felt like. Now, he struggled the endeavors of understanding how to convey his sorrows.

Straining out another stiffened breath, he reached to grip the fabric of his … shorts. (i think with him idk) “After.. All of it ended with Lyra, I told myself.. .. My siblings were still here. .. Someone.. still needed me. Only.. That night, I had a fight with one of my brothers. .. And well, it lead to what you found later that night.”



   ”Ah dunno…ya jus’…seemed…more lively when we were kids.” Granted the memories Fire was pulling from his head were that of when he was like, five, before his brother left, and before shit hit the fan. Of course things were a bit different back then. He was young and naive, everything felt bigger and louder to him, and he hadn’t the fanciest of ideas what went on with Red when he wasn’t trying to follow him everywhere. “‘S jus’ weird how much things change.”


"…Ferget ah said anythin’."

Fire had a point that he was a bit more lively then, that was when everything was naive for not only his younger sibling, but Red himself too. Two decades had passed since then, and everything was different now. “….” The weirdness was always something the raven felt uncomfortable with, because even if he was estranged, he did want to try to be a sibling to be looked up to. 

”..It’s alright. .. I’ve just not much to discuss..”



“‘N where exactly ‘r we goin’?” Fire trotted up beside the dark haired elder. “Y’ know yer awful quiet nowadays, aintcha.”

"To get something to eat, where else..?" Not that the raven was really giving his sibling a choice in the matter. Nor did he really find an issue in his lack of social skills, he’d always been like this. ".. Mm. What of it?"