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"Oh yeah, there was that too, wasn’t there.." She had almost forgotten about the events that occurred during that time and for that, Lyra goes quiet as she lets the male lead her to the bathroom. "Still, you need a bath since you kind of stink and it’s not good if you smell, y’know?"

She almost forgets that the bathroom is big compared to normal ones, especially since Red’s home is a penthouse. So when they reach there, Lyra pushes Red into the bathroom, offering to get him clothes and a towel while she bathes. “Go bathe or shower, stinky! I’ll find you some new clothes to wear while I wait.”

Before she fully walks away though, Lyra stops and turns back briefly because she forgot one important thing. “And don’t forget to scrub between the toes and make sure you clean under the nails too!!!”

”.. Yeah..” The fact that she had gone quiet, had him assuming that she had sort of forced herself to forget the events that occurred, up until now. He was a potato, for so long, he supposed he couldn’t blame her — after all, he was sure he had sucked the life out of her at the time. “..Mmm. I never really notice if I smell or not..” Must be a dog thing, never really caring if you smell gross. 

As she’s pushing him into the bathroom, he’s turning around and grabbing her hand briefly. “… Is there anything you want for dinner, after I shower..?” Considering she had came over to be with him, he couldn’t just be eating ramen noodles by himself. Whether they went out to dinner, or ordered take out and stayed in, he didn’t really care — he just wanted to give her something fun to do, like she always had with her other significant other.

With that, he’s walking over to shower, and turning the water on. Stripping off his clothes, and tossing them into a hamper, yeah he’d forgotten how nice this bathroom actually was. What with the large shower, and bathtub next to it.. His half-siblings parents sure as hell were a lot richer, than him and his mom would ever be.



"Oh, you’re back teaching now?" Wow, how long has it been? Two months? Of course, it was mainly Lyra’s fault in the first place for Red’s absence from the classroom, but shhh no one has to know that.

Squinting a bit at the male, she gives a light shove at his face. “The kind where I’m making sure you’re staying hygienic!!” Stepping further into the home where the lights coat the rooms in the oranges and golds, Lyra tugs at the male’s hand and leads him towards the bathroom. Although, it takes awhile because she isn’t quite sure she remembers where it is. Hey, it’s a freaking penthouse, she’s not gonna remember where everything is.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh!!! Last time I let you sit in the bath alone, you stayed there for a loooong time and you couldn’t get out!! Remember??"

”..Mm.. Yeah.” Almost the whole semester, honestly, he’d probably be better to just miss the rest of this one, and return back to teaching in the fall. But.. That would likely cost him his job.

Hand in faaaace, hand in faaace. “.. Yeah, yeah.. ..” Letting a sigh drag out, as he was starting to be dragged by his girlfriend, in his own home, to where the bathroom was. Though, it was obvious she had no clue where to find it, a light chuckle flowing from his breath. Decidingly enough, to take the lead, as he directed her properly.

”.. That was different though. I was still.. .. Dysfunctional.” He referred to that point in time, where even getting off of Green’s couch drained him of all energy. But, she had gotten him to somehow, return to normalcy. 

Hottubs & Secrecy


Usually when Blue visited Red’s place for his pool or hot tub, no one was ever around. More so, she never understood why the door was always kept unlock. But hey, that made her job so much easier and not having to locate Ditty to help her with the task. So when she found her self faced with the voice of Red for the first time in forever she found herself squeaking in surprise as she was already in her bikini. 


"Red?!" Why are you here?! Aren’t you normally at Green’s?!" You know, the fact that this is Red’s penthouse so he could come home when he wanted was completely slipping her mind.

That voice was all too familiar, and Red was hopping up off of his couch to actually make sure this was who he thought he was hearing. And, seeing that it was correct, he was a little shocked as to why she was waltzing into his home, and questioning the fact that he was normally at Green’s.

"Yeah.. I was.." Responding, as he now took a look at the outfit she was wearing. It took a moment to click, but when it did, his hues veered over towards where the pool was at. ".. Are you here to swim?"

Hottubs & Secrecy

Lazing up on his couch, with a remote in his hand. Flicking through the channels, overcome with boredom as he tried to find anything decent on. Having stopped on some movie about some kid living by himself on an island, and whatever. idk weird stuff. He was taken out of his daze at the sudden sound of his door opening up. “… Who’s there?”

Distant Memory[Yellow-Red]


She had heard a rumor. A rumor that, if true, would make her happier than she had been in a long while. Red was here. Red, her hero, the guy he had looked up to as a child…. And his pikachu, Chuchu’s mate at one time. Chuchu would be happy to see Pika again…Probably as happy if not happier than Yellow, should the rumor be true, that he was a teacher, not a student.

She was running through campus, not really paying attention to where she was going. After all she only had one thing on her mind, she had to find him—-

She let out a yelp as she ran into someone from behind, knocking herself off balance and onto her butt. Chuchu fussed over her for a moment. “I-I’m so sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going! I—” She stopped, looking up, and her heart skipped a beat. Of course she would run into the person she was looking for. “….Red….!”

Reviewing all of the quizzes, and assignments he had left his assistant to deal with for months, was an ever-tedious task. But, that was the course of the job he had chosen, and he needed to make up for all of that time off he had, even if it was just reviewing things like this.

So, having stayed late in the office to do all of this, a loud rumbling sound came from not only his stomach, but the two mouse pokemon that were sound asleep cuddling on the floor besides him — Dedenne had certainly been an adorable new asset to his team. Putting down the work, he first patted his stomach, and then down at his friends. “… Shall we go and find something to eat..?” Humming for a moment, as he stepped up out of the chair and headed to the door.

Just as he had stepped out of the room, there was a sudden thud into his body, and the raven was looking down at a tiny girl — who was quick to apologize, and then even quicker to know his name. Though, there was an air of familiarity to her, it wasn’t definitive..


”..Hm..? Is there something you need..?”



"Yeah? Well, I’m here now." Her hands smooth up slowly up his chest before she’s wrapping them around his neck, feet tip-toeing up so she can pull him down a bit for a hug. "Sorry, I guess I just got caught up with school."

It’s no lie with what she says because lately, she’s been finding herself more occupied with her studies ever since she came back from Kalos. So, she hasn’t been spending time with either Green or Red. It’s good she’s here now, though because maybe spending time with the male would do her some good.

"…Have you bathed recently, stinky?" She pulls away, sniffing him in the process to make sure her nose isn’t deceiving her. "If not, I’m going to throw you into the bath."

That warm, reassuring feeling he got whenever she was near him, was quite overwhelming after a few days away from each other. His head nodding a little, her being here now was better than never getting to see her at all, anyway. Returning that small hug had probably become the easiest movement for him, comparatively to half a year ago.

"It’s alright.. I started teaching my own class again. .. We’ve both been kind of busy." Though, those classes were all so used to Bianca’s teaching for the whole semester, that he had merely just sat back and watched this passed week. He’d have to play catch up, and start properly teaching again here soon — poor Bibi, she must’ve been overwhelmed.

"What kind of question is that..? I’ve been.." Okay, so no he hasn’t since he started living here again, but mostly because he’s frightened to really venture further than the living room and kitchen. He hasn’t even gone and seen how clean his room is, thanks to Green. ".. No. I haven’t. — You don’t have to bathe me though.."