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Regarding Gamenight

Sometime in the middle of the night last night my power supply for my laptop suddenly shorted out. I’ve already ordered a new one but it won’t arrive until tuesday, meaning game night might or might not be cancelled if I can’t borrow a charger from work for the weekend.. I’m going to trya nd get one tonight but there’s no promises really. 

"So, who knows how electricity was created?"



[did he leave the door unlocked?  Crap.  Oh well if Red was here to beat the crap out of him then he’d have an easy target.]  Do I look like I care?

No, but you probably should. [He’s not here to beat the crap out of you calm down Silvey, daaang.] … I don’t know why she did this either. .. But disowning her isn’t the right way to do this. 

Game night?


We haven’t had one in a long time.. Would anyone be up for a game night next friday?

[realizes Silver is skipping his class and goes to his dorm, walks into the room and just stares wide-eye’d because holy shit Silver. .. And then he goes and sits down on the overturned couch.]

.. This doesn’t help at all you know.



"Red yer an ass!"The boy let out a yelp as he was drug off by his older brother. “‘N ah like bein’ yer TA. ‘S fun, ‘n ah get ta sneak peaks at upcoming homework assignments or test dates." Like he even studied for them. He knew Red wouldn’t fail him so he stuffed most of his efforts into his other classes. "Hmmmmph…the colors better not be some frilly color. Ah ain’t wearing somethin’ tha’s paisley ‘r pink ‘r somethin’."

"Yeah, yeah. If you wanna stay my TA then go for it… Just you’re joining the club either way.. .. It’ll .. Be good for you." Honestly, he just figured it would be for the fact he could get to know Haru, as well as well.. .. Yeah make friends. Because lord knows Red is not enough of a friend for anyone, okay. Nor is Green. "…. You can choose what color you want." Drags him into the store and some worker walks up asking if they need help. Red just points at Fire, suggesting that he’s the one needing the help.